Peititon Notice

We collect, store, and use the following personal information you directly give us when you take action online and sign one of our petitions.

The personal information we collect when you take action:

What do we do with this data?

  1. Data on petitions is only stored so long as the petition is running.
  2. On signing any petition, an email is sent directly to the individual or organisation we are petitioning with that information.
  3. We only display publicly, your title, first name and initial of your surname.
  4. Any other information you give on signing is only used to send you a confirmation and to supply to the organisation we are petitioning with notification of your support.
  5. At the end of any petition, all information except for the information detailed in number 3 is destroyed.
  6. We do not use petition information for any other reason than stated above.